Monthly Archives: June 2013

Helen Lawlor – EVP, Managing Director


“ A wonderful, skillful designer that understands her clients wishes and is able to deliver a creative, comfortable yet elegant design to your home. We have through small projects to complete renovations together and she is joy to work with. “

Marion Pheterson

“ Katia helped me make my home very beautiful while staying as economical as possible. She was able to understand what my lifestyle was about and she had the knowledge and creativity to get the results I like so much. “

Ron Levine – Creative Director of Seefood Design

“ From start to finish Katia was a pleasure to work with. She took what we had that we all liked and then added what we needed to bring our home to the next level. She is very clear and confident in her choices, which gave us confidence. Knows how to work smart. Very talented. Love the results. Thanks Kat, Ron Levine”