Katia Graytok Interiors

A designer with the soul of an artist. Her studies in Fine Arts and Textile Design combine for an approach for interiors that are more curated than designed. Her style is suited to any aspect of a sumptuous interior, from traditional to classic to modern. Her work is dedicated to the ultimate in detail and customization. Thoughtful attention is directed to spatial organization, color, texture, and light, and form. Crisp, elegant elements balance her interiors. Drawing her inspiration from extensive travel and the exploration of contemporary, vintage, architectural, organic, and graphic references, she curates a wealth of experience in all projects.

"A designer with

the soul of an artist."

our promise..

We are very committed to our clients and the success of every project!

We will responsibly guide you through all aspects of the design process and design your interior spaces to be timeless, beautiful, and sustainable.

We will manage every project with integrity and professionalism, respecting our clients as well as their privacy.

We will provide frequent and effective communication in the method preferred by each client.

We will recommend and use only reputable and responsible manufacturers and contractors to execute our designs.

We will consider the environmental impact of every project and select products for effect on the environment, and aesthetics, and durability.